Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A common set-up

California -- Sfgate.com has a very informative article about a very common tactic or set-up used by robbers, thieves or criminals alike. It goes something like this:

- You are being approached by someone face to face
- The person distracts you or even attacks you (as in the above story)
- You are being attacked from behind by the persons accomplices
- This can also be a set-up for theft (pickpocket)

The people behind you are there either as a back up for the person in front or as the ones doing the actual hit.

In either case it is always recommended you walk, move (or if needed push) past the person confronting you. This goes even if you are stopped for directions, time, a dime or what ever. You are in a far better situation to evaluate and act when you're able to turn and face the person - and consequently any other persons - confronting you!

Read the above story and judge for yourself how bad it is to fight someone with your back to someone you don't know is there...

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