Saturday, August 18, 2012

Belt for self-defense

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Here's a quick note about using a belt for self-defense. And we're not referring to the karate black belt either.

As you may or may not know - many every day items are easy to utilize for self-defense purposes.

In order for these items to be of ant real effect, they need to be readily available and also to provide a certain degree of threat or damage if needed.

One such item is undoubtedly the regular belt worn around your waist. If you can easily remove it (without your pants falling down) and it has a rather large and heavy buckle, you've got a nice self-defense tool at your disposal!

A friend of mine once used his belt to fight off two guys at a bar who wanted to "teach him a lesson" and below is a recent story from in Massachusetts.
The victim parked his car in the area of County and Thompson streets shortly before 11 p.m. and was walking to his apartment when he was approached by a man with a knife who demanded his money, according to police.
The victim took off his belt and swung it at the suspect, Detective Sgt. Victor Mendes said. He chased the robber around a parked car and swung his belt at him a second time.
Mendes said the man with the knife ran to a second suspect, who was on a bicycle about a half a block away, and the two fled on the bike.
So there you have it - a good incentive to always wear a belt (not only while driving :)

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